MAN; A Wheel within a Wheel within a Wheel

MAN; A Wheel within a Wheel within a Wheel

Man is not alone. Yet he fails to look outside of himself. It is hard to master a single wheel. Yet add a second and it become easier to drive as a bike. Add a third wheel and new possibilities arise. Add a fourth wheel and a stability arises. Allowing for a steering wheel to all four. Add a power source and you have a car with its possibilities. Yet all the parts and pieces must work together. If all the wheels were left to their own accord they would be no motion or relocation and no work. But possibilities of confusion and catastrapy hate or no insight. A man is not complete without a family, a wife a place within a group of groups within in a race within and all of man. There are no stars without a mind to know so. No galaxy or a Universe at all. No god or gods or a path to follow. Chaos and death insue. Raw survival and death. Yet with a complete body a man can create the music of the Soul to dance in. A spaceship without space is not possible. With out a past to rely on there is no future to decide about. No wheel no future no hope to Man.

Our Lake of life

I see weakness, I fell shame, I am a lost,  I fell unnamed. I know you; somehow, by name…               The lake is full and is wonderful & clean. AS you effect it’s very makeup, you alter its streams by this means. As you drain the water, in the direction of a few, I see all my fish jumping for their life, upon the shorelines, out of most view. What should a god do? For all of you? As a single misplace gene can devastate a body’s world, a single body can devastate the world, too. Yet a Secularization can prevail. So it shall be…one idea, action,  word. Just one thing From you.Is all you need to do.

Rock Hudson Man or Myth

After running away from being kidnapped and raped by a special forces Marine In Indianapolis, I ran away at 15 to Hollywood Ca. I am ready to read it soon. This would be detailed in my short store called 5 weeks in the summer of ’69. I was standing on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Selma sometime in July of 1969 @ 15 when Rock Hudson pulled up in a Mercedes I think And motioned for me to get into his front seat. I had a firm policy of street life to never go where I did not know where it was or how I would get back. I had just watch Rock in a movie weeks earlier in Indy. I was confused that he would want a street-smart beat up 15-year-old male hustler from Indiana. Rock was from Illinois And the book righter from Ky. The other part of the store with #RockHudson is too futuristic and mind-bending to tell here.