Karma; its path to enlightenment.

Karma; its path to enlightenment.

There is No cause without effect. There is No effect without a cause. All all effect are Equal as the mind is equal in the left and right side. All cause all effect goes threw the lower brians to the Stomach for emotion. Each lower mind does something different with cause before it creates the Effect designed. No effect happens with cause. Therefore death is equal to cause or life. Shall you burn in a Hell for your cause in life? It will be A lot worse than you may Imagine for it will all happen at once. Just as you life becomes at the end… May your Karma be good May your after life be Way better than you can Imagine. The universe is split and you can not see it. That’s OK. It is you that hold every card for this afterlife in “HELL OR A PARaDISES.” With that said, if one can see that both together are yet one of something even larger, one become Enlightened as you become a higher power. One drop of water can become many things. When it is in the ocean it may become The Ocean, lasting possible there for Million years. Or a teardrop lasting only a day. Yet it become a-new drop as rain for something else. After paradise or hell you will be re-born. Trapped as ice for thousands of years or help a baby grow, or become an ant again. It is “I.” P.S. Love a caveman/woman today.

MAN; A Wheel within a Wheel within a Wheel

MAN; A Wheel within a Wheel within a Wheel

Man is not alone. Yet he fails to look outside of himself. It is hard to master a single wheel. Yet add a second and it become easier to drive as a bike. Add a third wheel and new possibilities arise. Add a fourth wheel and a stability arises. Allowing for a steering wheel to all four. Add a power source and you have a car with its possibilities. Yet all the parts and pieces must work together. If all the wheels were left to their own accord they would be no motion or relocation and no work. But possibilities of confusion and catastrapy hate or no insight. A man is not complete without a family, a wife a place within a group of groups within in a race within and all of man. There are no stars without a mind to know so. No galaxy or a Universe at all. No god or gods or a path to follow. Chaos and death insue. Raw survival and death. Yet with a complete body a man can create the music of the Soul to dance in. A spaceship without space is not possible. With out a past to rely on there is no future to decide about. No wheel no future no hope to Man.

Our Lake of life

I see weakness, I fell shame, I am a lost,  I fell unnamed. I know you; somehow, by name…               The lake is full and is wonderful & clean. AS you effect it’s very makeup, you alter its streams by this means. As you drain the water, in the direction of a few, I see all my fish jumping for their life, upon the shorelines, out of most view. What should a god do? For all of you? As a single misplace gene can devastate a body’s world, a single body can devastate the world, too. Yet a Secularization can prevail. So it shall be…one idea, action,  word. Just one thing From you.Is all you need to do.

Montana Supreme Court Reverses $35 Million Verdict Against Jehovah’s Witnesses for Not Reporting Girl’s Sexual Abuse to Police — BCNN1 WP

The Montana Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned a $35 million judgement against the Jehovah’s Witnesses for not reporting the sexual abuse of a girl to authorities because the religious organization requires “allegations of serious sin” to be kept confidential.

Montana Supreme Court Reverses $35 Million Verdict Against Jehovah’s Witnesses for Not Reporting Girl’s Sexual Abuse to Police — BCNN1 WP

CNN Reporter Accuses Christian Satire Website The Babylon Bee of Spreading ‘Misinformation’, But Praises The Onion for Its Satirical Articles


The conservative Christian satire website The Babylon Bee was again forced to defend itself amid accusations from secular media that it’s spreading “misinformation.” 

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Indiana: State Graduation Rate is 87%, but for Charters, It is 40% — Diane Ravitch’s blog

Why do the Disrupters continue to insist that charter schools will “save poor kids from failing schools,” when the evidence continues to accumulate that this is simply not true. According to the latest state data for Indiana, the graduation rate is about 87%, with variations among different groups of students. For charter schools, the graduation […]

Indiana: State Graduation Rate is 87%, but for Charters, It is 40% — Diane Ravitch’s blog

Public Party 3RD Definition:Millennium Charged.

Does the Future come about because of our past?

Does the future belong to the Millenium now?   If you are over 45 Keep on walking. We are Millenium charged, this is our future Now. In 1950’s Get got James Dean who punched his dad in the nose. In 1969 we got Dennis hopper Puching every small mined people business and Towns in the Nose. In 1990 we Get Boy George as every dads son.  But now  Now we get Bruce Jennier and False breast Milk to fool the Eye of a baby sun. What shall the future bring with such worship of these things? There fore the Millinunim must decide for thee own futures NOW. What shall come next? a dickless one armed Man? It is “I”.Jared

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I looked up from my chair to notice a being coming forward. A stranger, yet, I know him. I returned my glance looking out and over my domain of 166,000,000 being left in my care. A higher calling once again stirring in my mind. This single being said You are needed. I went to my domain in a heart-beats time. I traveled upstream to meet with my director and was advised it was now time for a mission I was unprepared for. Yet, I went freely. It was A God, A being, a higher being than I, had asked my help once again. I had been watching between several visits to the distant place, a planet of confusion, eight other times. This would be my ninth trip down here. A personal, world an incubator if you will, where the possibilities were unparalleled in the universes that I was aware of. A place where one could layer experience in levels of play. As stated in the “Bhagavad Gita”, “You could build layers of a self on top of each other. As if a Cornice Seashell A place where the strongest emotion could change everything for every other being there. As in Arts sciences mind & control, plus A thing called enlightenment. A curious state of mental existence that could free up a being long enough to clean up himself. Cleaning up of souls. These layers were interconnected like water fire, or air is to everything. There seemed to be a missing link in the setup. Beings dive into a new body at first breath to be meet by unknowingness. A Washing-away all experience of a previous self. Something was wrong with the flow and trapped so many souls down into believing that they were the Body with a soul. It is the two parts envisioned by Zoroasteria. A soul with everything else. Minds included. Only two of eight sections a body family, all the rest of others. All living life is all unaware of every other thing, not alive. Become a rock or a race car some time. A soul spirit, out, then God. The latter continues up and down from these into both directions. It is quite scary full of uncertainty. The missing part, As one feels there way up in life through a mother, a father that is needed for the balance of Mind and emotional self. Brothers and sisters were like distant planets of other bodies. One could create a whole new world with a wife. Experiencing others working toward greater success for all. Not just for now but for all past present and future lives. The mind became miss-guided my different versions of the single self by differing layers of memories expressing themselves as independent Ideals. Causing not only self-destruction, insanity and self-indulgence, Wars Postulants Greed, and finally, Hate. War and death to all is the “final solution.” Wars were waged tens of tens of Millions lives would be lost in a small amount of time. Successful importance being placed only on the here and now. I had been down there to this planet many times in the past. I paired my self with a twin on eight other visits. I was given advice by a being at the moment of the final entry into the body being born. The typical protocol is to enter on the first breath. Yet this time, something was wrong. As I was giving last-minute advice, a being shot past me behind the other mirror being that was to be my twin once again. Our ninth and final pairing. I shot after him as the three of us wrestled the poor woman having us. A 19-year old girl named Mary, I would be her 7Th child. A father carpenter was our seed parent. She was still a teenager. Being born into the lowest caste at that time in Severe poverty. At the last moments, I tried to shelter the other twin, Her 6th child, ut failed. He struggled for many months in an incubator trying to survive. Needing a blood transfusion complicated the birth. Only a black woman would step forward, giving him his life back. She was a saint. He is a warrior. Together, he made it. My protector, y guide, was going to be okay. Or so I thought. I cast the other being out to the edge of the universe… Hello world;, It is “I.” Donnie Harold Harris. Born in poverty at 6.33 Am on a Saturday, August first, 1953, at General Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. The crossroads of America, crossroads of the world. Let us play… I have waited for 66 years to play.