Our Lake of life

I see weakness, I fell shame, I am a lost,  I fell unnamed. I know you; somehow, by name…               The lake is full and is wonderful & clean. AS you effect it’s very makeup, you alter its streams by this means. As you drain the water, in the direction of a few, I see all my fish jumping for their life, upon the shorelines, out of most view. What should a god do? For all of you? As a single misplace gene can devastate a body’s world, a single body can devastate the world, too. Yet a Secularization can prevail. So it shall be…one idea, action,  word. Just one thing From you.Is all you need to do.

A truly courage’s act, is noticed by all men.

Ethics and the seaming randomness of it action, surrounds us all. @ total ethics one communes with the all-ness of everything else, beliefs are created  once one comes back from the trip to the bigger system. As the tanks rolled up ,the world wanted a “him” to prevail over the perceived totality of Chinese might, the all of them. This is god in action, physically threw a single you,controlling the All of them. You get this simpleness of this? The tankers them selves want him to win. It’s bigger than it’s all-ness. God is no mystery. As you Know what i speak of today,in reference to Tienanmen square… Ethics is always senior to life,and any beliefs or scientific actions. Its the nonelectrical supply(soul) for dos system (Unconcerned about results), to your windows systems, threw and of your life. Ethics is always in the direction of greatest numbers. One shoots off millions of seed, for one single hit.Not to only influence physical growth of a self,but as well a possibility of influence,on trillions of other creations of the all-ness of it all. That we are so far aware of, as all. AS one moved from the cave to the view of the forest and fields and villages below, one see a cacophonous of randomness. Now, the view is manipulable formed. Thus the wheel is formed, the wheel of dualism, circles of life.I spotted god  flying threw space heading toward the golf of mexico. I said Hey Big God, where you off to so fast. God said i have but one single drop of pure water left in the entire heavens. I shall drop it myself into my waves. I wondered if god had heard yet about the spill,and all it’s tragically effects, of if’s Bullying to the local people and Eco-systems. Big God, maybe you should save that drop for a future time?If a single drop enters the all-ness of water, shall its singleness, ever be regained And will not the existing cause of all the water overwhelm totally this single drop? Slowing down in what appeared to be a sled,Can not one sun(son) create threw to all of life? Can not one seed create threw this universe in-to  that of others universes ,in threw one man? Is one not as the same time The all? One drop of water suddenly drops, drops from the clouds (heaven-god-gods home), land on concrete, evaporates(dies) reforms up in heaven(clouds) to be created anew ,and dropped upon a bean plant, that became a meal of a man that saved the world. When this man dies and is cremated this drop, again goes home to the clouds. Yes this one drop can change the all. An can change the future of it all. AS man realizes that religion is simply a leveling up of life, at different times, but the level should care not about the viewers point of views. Not one single drop is wasted in all heaven, and only appears to in hell, {matter energy space and time-Independence of each.} The ride between the 2 is of most concern. The clouds,the heavens, Earth the hell. Trip between death or rebirth,the wilds,but not a hell.  Planet earth, 2010.

It suddenly became Cern-ingly clear!

Several areas of life seem to be coming to a new beginning;I.E. end of time 2012 Nov,20th. Chinese 1st Chinese premier of the people,,as n Korea lines up with them,Ending a need for world watch of this concern.A new president in the us will stand strong,to the world.Yet these baby concerns of the people,will be dwarfed by what  i call a world compulsion for proof of life’s offerings. …And then there is a game changer ,larger than a, full out nuke war.Our home universe is a bracketed compound.Science now will spin threw that encasement of known brackets,under ground ,not far from the creator of, scientific terroristic and it’s creator,Einstein,s theory of relativity,and its false gods,in Switzerland.The collider ,at CERN is about to do the unravellings all of this, “home universe”,as we ,used to known it.This will be know peek behind the curtain of oz,and existence of known things,but a step out side of ,Matter ,energy,space,and Time ,as is now known.Some of the wonders to be hold,will be hard to understand,for all animation of all,things known,are to seen in a pattern of simple DNA-ish,groupings and jointed together as such.The DNA of mest. Man-kinds evolution threw religion,has brought,man to the total brink of despair,and full on terror and destuction.After all the hail Mary’s,its the paddles,that brings you back to this life.The DNA of energy will result in the Schweitzer effect,in that a simple source,can stop excellioration of energy.If you could take a flash light to king Arther and his court;well that would be grand.Who could imagine that a beam of light from afar,could be captured and controlled,to light up thing ,at a distance ,or used.Some how a distant object comes into the light.As the unraveling of religion happens,thing will start to change.Soon there will be no need for guns,because,gun powder can have free zones,like in city limits.It simple will not excellorate. the Light of a flash light,or to flood light ,, deconstruction containment can be contained from afar,for all.At the beginning of mankind,one man could only protect or destroy ,very little.At the end of time One man figured our how to destroy all mankind,enstein’s opening of Pandora box,and the completion of the cycle of the snake and eve,in the garden of eden.Threw her contamination with Satan’s serpent threw her one to one possession,out in threw time and man,till that of a single man ,could destroyed ,all of man.That cycle is complete.Now a man  can be a man, or he can be all of man.Cern  is concerned, for man is saved ,once again.Science will be a word with full meaning ,like I.E. air light fluid weather..there will be science.With it’s certainteed of service, like b.c./a.d. will be a flash flood to mankind,and his progress,to label the universe.

Then there was Three..left in Indiana

I dropped my bid, for a chance run, as a Far far left liberal  independent candidate for the U S Senate 2010 Indiana,after Bayh didn’t except nomination to rerun. Achieving my goal to defeat him,for high crimes to the people of my state,i was no need to run.I thought i would weighin on the remaining three. Libertarianism says ,we can protect ourselves with out meddling.You show me one woman that can restrain her self from meddling in anything,and i will vote for her,lets get real over there.Old man coats..Playing nice won’t protect us,every reasonable option(like kidnapings,torture, water-boarding, religious pain,holding from trial for ever,agent orange, maybe that s what he means.And every available measure… Exhausted.That sound like a premonition of what is still to be found out about thats been done.Or a rationalization for any thing as reasonable option,in our future Danny boy.Are we living in the 1800 again?Then there is the democrat Ellsworth.What can you say about him thats not true? This is our pick ,a pick for the people,a pick for a-future of hope and dreams in our home of Indiana.Not a down the road,and out of the state; quick pick.But that of a stable man,a stable demonstrable leader for my safety,at home,and abroad.By Being vigilant,and strength threw our alliances to our friends.Using existing resources and strengths.Not unknown, possible reasonable options,based on his reasonablities(coats)? Thank you Brad for knowing that the narcissistic Republican view points of group insanities ,that every available measure(includes unknown ones),should be exhausted,is a way of by gone times.One can handle ones people by a hammer and sickle,pounding and cutting threw perceived damage.Or move up to present time,updated all of life,threw science,and health.

Indpls A city in treason to self.

After 50 years of family work ,as contractors here in the city of my birth ,going from a peek years or work (881,000.00)2007- to less that 30,000 in 2010. today..cost 30,000.00 in local sales taxes,at the cost to the city.I lost my family home ,last month after 14 years 10 months,I have received no ,unemployment,or did my son or men.I let you close the children orphanage,the guardians home,and chase the homeless from THERE DOWN TOWN areas.You restrict like einsteinium the workings of the affairs of the  more social groups ie Library bus,light rail,threw The control of citizenry wealth .And now you tell me,you gave $10,000,000.00 Of my taxpayer dollars,At the very same time just today i was offered advise on who to get food stamps for my family,and you say ,have !0 MILLION.given it to the wealthiest man in the city Mr.Simon!A Billionaire. A jew.You want to talk about persecution,and rights?Why one would spend so much ,to get nothing, is what i want to Know?AS the candidate for mayor ,in this great international city,i promise a full sweeping out of the closets of all that has been sent to deceive. The only citizen of this county,are the public people.Those who very lives are for ever intertwined into society’s.And Know survival is a group affair and thing,not individual in nature.Be it threw health ,education , science or the Arts.An cooperations.The controls threw wastes of our heritage, is being gutted,and lost to your children’s children and there future rate of demise.My pledge to you.That will be the most expensive 10m,he will make.Threw solidarity to, all that are on the outer bounds of financial parallel, I ask for public out rage,an public actions, in protest of this selfish man,an his selfish representation of his Jewish culture of better than you beliefs.Or just go back to sleep..sleep…sleep…what man with what Sword?I said nothing , nothing, no thing at all.

CIB :and the evil empire within.

It’s a sure bet that that the Un-payed volunteer ceo of this group,is lacking in wherewithal to address the issues of the CIB,for me the divisive taxpayer,of this city,at this time.This type of corporate farce,of the unknowing CEO,” slight of hand” was used as well in the times leading up to the great depression(demonstrated  by Sherlock Holmes in his intercoursed instructions to doctor Watson.)With diversion.Using unaware Philanthropic souls of times past.This appears to be the largest pot hole in the city,and it’s right down town,swallowing others lives,and livelihoods.I.E.Library=Number 1 in county,2 the deconstruction of our Rapid transit system.3give a handout to a billionaire,that has used and utilized ,all i have to offer him ,and his to survive,as a city and state to build his base from,an fortune,with nothing in return locally,that i can hang my hat on.4Excessive covert drive(compilation from unknown sources encountered.)to dominate and control of the  use and uses of our buildings,letting NBA decide if roof gets open,sorry colts we own that property,and we will decide ,some how about this usage.5 Remove the name on the pacers building, Conseco,and replace to that of IUPUI calling. And make it a more user friendly place for the youngest of students threw,pro-female basketball,and the likes,and pacers if the pay there part.6 Install new parking meters in the needed areas,except for my 4surrounding streets of the circle,and n on meridian n of library.from west,middle Illinois street east to back side of Pennsylvania ave.Opening hundreds of openings.Closing the circle and n meridian to personal traffic of cars.7 Install 4 massive public restroom  facilities,making them beacons of local info of things to do ,see,or return for.To be sponsored by International societies of health responses people, to basic human needs and decency.For the future growth of our international city.Showing world traveler that we are a Higher education based city, Hospital based  trainers to the world of health,and wellbeing.8Turn the Chevy plant,where my family members retired from,into a light rail factory in the standards of our forefathers,and there rush for the car market of the 20’s.9. Decriminalized marijane.10.If i have a hole where children fall to moral dead down its’s opening, should i not cover it up?Close down that restroom at the clay courts,where 124 families have lost a love one there.What kind of sticking thinking would allow this to be?And shame on IMPD and this, lowest of level police work of such miss use of my freedom to self expression of  A natural cause. At the end of time shall we have restrooms and parties with our world , classes of friends,or get towed ,cause i did-not have change for the meter? 

"Charity and the Art Of"

The best way “To Be” Charitable  ,is to have needed Charity,from life.One does not live as an only one,But is aware ,to degrees of others.,scattered across a universe of Known and not known s of life,and its things.In fact charity is the highest state of doing-ness,called action.As all of life responds to its flow and dance,threw each other.As air is to physical life of existence.Charity is in all of life’s doing-nesses.Charity show up to awareness as Ethical conduct.Of which has a lower harmonic,called Justice,and moral behavior. Similar to medicine has lower harmonic of a specialties of a cause.Of which one eradicated the cause disease, also dis-creates the specialist need , as well.One could say that Dr. infectious disease expert,is in occlusion, some how, with the disease,co- creating it threw  time,to the all of us.Until it’s conclusion.In justice ,there would be no Drug war, against the people,by a small group of people.If we had no Drug warfare force,as such.In fact they are the direct cause,of that they claim to resist.Allowing no charity to, all of us.Some good day, justice it’s self will wind down ,and self dis-create.Allowing room for new higher ideals of compassion and charity.And artists work is for you to cherish as you will,in fact he does not want to see the dam painting again, knowing every micro dot of its makeup.                 Charity is like the water ,yet one drop at a time,is still part of the total of water whole.As you are you,and you with all of man.Showing up as you and the social you.Yet separate from this all your still within the total of man.A ethical man does indeed live outside of the law,no different than a healthy  man lives out of medicine,yet incumbencing  medicines- isness with in self,co-existing.The intensity of charty creates a graces-ness parallel to sexual Exoticness,in its natural by product. The reverse of charity is Hording,opposite of ethics is Bullying, opposite of graces-ness is Hate.Ones lungs can not store extra air,or one would take all the air,and store for it for self. Breath in and out the air of life,and not allow others to control your right to it, be Charitable ethical and gracious person.An notice all that try to STOP you from being that.Those that hold in there breath of life , explode.An its messy to clean up.Charity is like the waves of the river creating life’s possibilities.Thank you for that charity.Please vote 2010.Lets shake up and re-deal life’s cards ,for a better hand for all.