Say No To Bacon

~Go hard today.
Can’t worry bout the past cause that was yes-terday.
Ima put it on the line cause it’s my time.~

These are lyrics from a song they played in The Biggest Loser episode tonight. Although there was some good stuff in this episode, this song is really what stood out to me the most. I immediately logged into rhapsody and found the song to listen to.


They played this song while the contestants were working out in the gym. Talk about motivational! It instantly made me wanna go get a workout in. You should pull up the song and listen to it too! 😉

I had planned to workout after I got home from work, just a simple 15 minutes or so. But once I got home I was hungry for dinner so I decided I wouldn’t workout. I ate while I watched TBL. When I heard the…

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Around Indy

By Taylor Newell
Indianapolis Downtown, Inc.

Love is in the air! – Downtown Valentine’s Day options

Fellas, it’s that time of year again. It’s your responsibility to plan a romantic, unique Valentine’s Day date that she’ll remember forever… or at least until next February. There are some great date options in Downtown Indy this year, many that you won’t find anywhere else!

On Feb. 14:

Romantic live shows abound around town with Kem live at Old National Centre, The Romantic Violinist Daniel Hope with the ISO at Hilbert Circle Theatre,Shoshana Beanlive at The Cabaret at The Columbia Club, My Funny Valentine performance and dinner at Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site and more. Get up and groove after dinner at the Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dance at The Rathskellar, or catch the Indiana Iceat home against the Youngstown Phantoms at Bankers Life Fieldhouse with a “Cupid Ice Pack.”…

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The Farmer & His Cow

It is a hard thing to convince a Cow that it Not really a Cow. I would witness this one day with an old farmer down in Moorisville In. I was down that way talking to this Farmer about Siding and Windows for his Farm house when all the sudden a Cow comes running up to the fence there. AS some of you Know i have the ability to talk to cows ;So i saw pretty sure She came down to talk to me.I was wrong. He yelled out to the Farmer there and said” I just hear all about the “Butcher”.What a horrible concept this eating us and things.Now i was shocked cause that old Farmer started talking right back at that there cow and stated -I am not sure what your talking about This “Butcher” Idea.After all your a Dog.So go on out there in the Pasture and Bark all you want. The cow said Well Mr . Farmer i was wondering cause the other day when you where out in the back yard Grill i thought for a Second there i smelt my nephew. Now i had never heard a Cow bark before that day.  Now i am not a Cow a Farmer Dog or Butcher-but there was a butcher sign up the road there.I sudden realized that the cow Has 3 possibilities. 1. meat source 2. calif source 3. Move to Indian where they are worshipped .On one planet -there meat source on one end and worshipped on another.They have no control of this wheel of Fate decided by Men. Are we Too All of us Serving a Higher Master  “Farmer”-around a Concept of Devil -or Butcher There one and the same. “Farmer”.