The Farmer & His Cow

It is a hard thing to convince a Cow that it Not really a Cow. I would witness this one day with an old farmer down in Moorisville In. I was down that way talking to this Farmer about Siding and Windows for his Farm house when all the sudden a Cow comes running up to the fence there. AS some of you Know i have the ability to talk to cows ;So i saw pretty sure She came down to talk to me.I was wrong. He yelled out to the Farmer there and said” I just hear all about the “Butcher”.What a horrible concept this eating us and things.Now i was shocked cause that old Farmer started talking right back at that there cow and stated -I am not sure what your talking about This “Butcher” Idea.After all your a Dog.So go on out there in the Pasture and Bark all you want. The cow said Well Mr . Farmer i was wondering cause the other day when you where out in the back yard Grill i thought for a Second there i smelt my nephew. Now i had never heard a Cow bark before that day.  Now i am not a Cow a Farmer Dog or Butcher-but there was a butcher sign up the road there.I sudden realized that the cow Has 3 possibilities. 1. meat source 2. calif source 3. Move to Indian where they are worshipped .On one planet -there meat source on one end and worshipped on another.They have no control of this wheel of Fate decided by Men. Are we Too All of us Serving a Higher Master  “Farmer”-around a Concept of Devil -or Butcher There one and the same. “Farmer”.

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