Members of the Military Left Out to Dry

An Average American Conservative

As I listen to the whining of Boeing machinists here in Washington State over having to move from a Defined Benefit plan (pension) to a Defined Contribution plan (401k), I can’t help but think what spoiled brats they are.  You have a job that pays more than most private sector jobs out there.  This new contract gives you a better 401k than any other private sector company out there.  And, you are not being asked to potentially put your life on the line as part of your job every day.

The members of our nation’s military, on the other hand, are asked when they take their job to potentially put their life and limbs on the line in the course of doing their job.  And, what does our Congress and President do?  They reduce the amount a retired vet gets when he/she retires, including vets forced to retire because…

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