A truly courage’s act, is noticed by all men.

“Happiness is as happiness does.”

Public Party of Indiana- The Children's Party

Ethics and the seaming randomness of it action, surrounds us all. @ total ethics one communes with the all-ness of everything else, beliefs are created  once one comes back from the trip to the bigger system. As the tanks rolled up ,the world wanted a “him” to prevail over the perceived totality of Chinese might, the all of them. This is god in action, physically threw a single you,controlling the All of them. You get this simpleness of this? The tankers them selves want him to win. It’s bigger than it’s all-ness. God is no mystery. As you Know what i speak of today,in reference to Tienanmen square… Ethics is always senior to life,and any beliefs or scientific actions. Its the nonelectrical supply(soul) for dos system (Unconcerned about results), to your windows systems, threw and of your life. Ethics is always in the direction of greatest numbers. One shoots off millions of seed, for one single hit.Not to only influence physical growth of a self,but as well a possibility of influence,on trillions of other creations of the all-ness of…

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