Rock Hudson Man or Myth

After running away from being kidnapped and raped by a special forces Marine In Indianapolis, I ran away at 15 to Hollywood Ca. I am ready to read it soon. This would be detailed in my short store called 5 weeks in the summer of ’69. I was standing on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Selma sometime in July of 1969 @ 15 when Rock Hudson pulled up in a Mercedes I think And motioned for me to get into his front seat. I had a firm policy of street life to never go where I did not know where it was or how I would get back. I had just watch Rock in a movie weeks earlier in Indy. I was confused that he would want a street-smart beat up 15-year-old male hustler from Indiana. Rock was from Illinois And the book righter from Ky. The other part of the store with #RockHudson is too futuristic and mind-bending to tell here.