Indiana Voting Machines; Are they rigged?

THE REAL SHAM : Set into motion by the party I love. The Democrats. Now you would think why we are you stupted. Yes I am stupted. This is the “sham.” I admit I went to 21 grade schools. Even with a higher than average I.Q. it was still difficult to survive in the educational system of the 50s/60s. Why is this important in the voting machine highst? Stupidity. The made the machine so complicated then – yelled yes yelled a a 65 year old disabled vetran because he could not understand why they were so complicated. Then I realized why. It was to control my vote. I attest that for the first time in my voting history I HAD to vote for some one i did not want to vote for; Mayor Hogsett in Marion county. I am now glad that I did he seem to be as good as some of the others. But he is no Mayor like other ones we had. Here is my theory. Made things above the threshold of the lowest educated voter ability to understand the use of the machine. Add a few loud mouth ladies to embasses you when you ask what the hell is this shit and you have a good case of a confused voter who will do I of three things. 1. leave without voter – not likeley. 2. figure the thing out- not likely 3. VOTE for the wrong people and never come back. This is very low life way to indoctrnated the public. Then chances of coming back for rights to vote will be weakend. Not sure who has rigged these machines in marion county ; But i am sure of what the outcome was to be. It showed itself by the low voting in INDIANAPOLIS. I want you to know that I am a life time democrat, stepping out of line only to vote for Ronald Ragon. My life as a teen run-a-way would take me to Hollywood Ca. at fifteen. I was viliantly abducted and sexual assaulted my a G.I. from fort Harrison in the “summer of 69″ off east Washinton Street. A polic report was made by me but dropped when I was confronted BY MY RAPIST at my bus stop. Where my whole family was threatened with violent death. I cancel my charge after asking why he had my address. The Sherriff handling the case said he had a right to know even though his acuser. I was 15 and a minor. I never told my family about the threat. But did have strange incounter around my home at the time so I ran to The land of Dreams” Hollowood, Ca. in the Summer of 69. Where I would go to disneyland and meet movie stars. Making me think he was a good guy, I voted for Regan. I was wrong agaian. I wrote about this on facebook only to attacted by and I was brushed off by the local Democratic political people and made to feel weak. They were wrong. It made me stronger. This also would point the guilty finger in there direction. My advise to the cheater in the election cycle; Keep it simple Studid. We will find out. Former Candidate for Governor of Indiana in 2012. Donnie Harold Harris- Public Party Of Indiana