Karma; its path to enlightenment.

There is No cause without effect. There is No effect without a cause. All all effect are Equal as the mind is equal in the left and right side. All cause all effect goes threw the lower brians to the Stomach for emotion. Each lower mind does something different with cause before it creates the Effect designed. No effect happens with cause. Therefore death is equal to cause or life. Shall you burn in a Hell for your cause in life? It will be A lot worse than you may Imagine for it will all happen at once. Just as you life becomes at the end… May your Karma be good May your after life be Way better than you can Imagine. The universe is split and you can not see it. That’s OK. It is you that hold every card for this afterlife in “HELL OR A PARaDISES.” With that said, if one can see that both together are yet one of something even larger, one become Enlightened as you become a higher power. One drop of water can become many things. When it is in the ocean it may become The Ocean, lasting possible there for Million years. Or a teardrop lasting only a day. Yet it become a-new drop as rain for something else. After paradise or hell you will be re-born. Trapped as ice for thousands of years or help a baby grow, or become an ant again. It is “I.” P.S. Love a caveman/woman today.