Buffalo that roam.

I had another vision today. I call this one “Buffalo that roam”. I watched from a distance, a small Indian boy playing in the fresh, clean lands of the Indian. He was in a valley where one could see for 40 miles. Or just down there where there played a single boy of 10. Suddenly he was eye to eye with a full-grown male Buffalo. After a moment or so without losing gaze he moved off to the left. I noticed that his father stood nearby on the top of a small hill… Hidden from his veiw. All was well when out of the hot spring day, a small herd of Buffalo that roam. appeared all around the boy. The dad moved down to his son. Only to see the Buffalo roam right by. The dad cheif puffed up and wonder what talk he shall hear from his son when he come home. Suddenly awakened, the dad chief looked to see 40 miles away a herd of Buffalo that roam or not roaming were on there way. Leaping in 12 foot jumps, the Father watched in horror as his son, now in reach was trampled on the soil so perfect for an apple tree to grow, he laid. The father had but a moment to live before the Thousands of Roaming Buffalo did him as well as they do. I watch in disbelief in what had happened on this beautiful day. In about 20 minutes. What could it mean. What is natural is God’s way. What is an unkind kill is the opposite of that. Big DHH