MAN; A Wheel within a Wheel within a Wheel

MAN; A Wheel within a Wheel within a Wheel

Man is not alone. Yet he fails to look outside of himself. It is hard to master a single wheel. Yet add a second and it become easier to drive as a bike. Add a third wheel and new possibilities arise. Add a fourth wheel and a stability arises. Allowing for a steering wheel to all four. Add a power source and you have a car with its possibilities. Yet all the parts and pieces must work together. If all the wheels were left to their own accord they would be no motion or relocation and no work. But possibilities of confusion and catastrapy hate or no insight. A man is not complete without a family, a wife a place within a group of groups within in a race within and all of man. There are no stars without a mind to know so. No galaxy or a Universe at all. No god or gods or a path to follow. Chaos and death insue. Raw survival and death. Yet with a complete body a man can create the music of the Soul to dance in. A spaceship without space is not possible. With out a past to rely on there is no future to decide about. No wheel no future no hope to Man.

Elect a Public Party Candidate for Mayor 2011

Elect a “Public Party” Candidate for Mayor 2011 IN INDIANAPOLIS, IN. This is my, DONNIE HAROLD HARRIS, FIRST meeting with this group, The Libertarians. THINKING THEY WERE SOMEONE ELSE. I was not sure what to expect. I became a libertarian during Reagan’s, 1st presidential race. I was living in Hollywood Ca, at the time, working on my movie star/musicological career /Scientology/Krishna training, while going to l.a.c.c.(Los Angles City College) ,as a disabled Veit Nam *era army veteran, studying theater /law. Oh yes, The meeting was better than great. Everyone was very respectful of each other, showing the interesting overall, higher reality of belief, in the overwhelming, group think, that visible dramatize chance is needed in our day to day affairs, in our city and country. For a more dutiful ex-stinted family, “luminescence of being” in need. These people need the help of all that, regardless of races, religions, or wherewithal or current Political beliefs can help. Our city is past the beginnings of a savage downward stage, of the inner self, Known, as the group of people. A Known, as The friendly people of the crossroads of america/the crossroads of the World” INDIANAPOLIS, In. of America. I ask that if the ship goes down o one would hope the captain would order “all hands on deck”, all will lose.Even those on the upper decks, w ill TOO need to rely on, those that they (rich, thief), have been made LESS, as citizenry, through   suffering of the local hope, by the draining of the local relief,  13.5 Million, at the worst of possible times for our commonality disadvantaged local citizenry. You yes you, right now your more powerful than ever,as a value to, The rest of us Public People.This group needs your help, regardless of your personal duty to a better future,help on a larger group is needed . Now is The time This Is the place, cause you are here now, You are the one the rest of us are waiting for. One small piece of foam ,may take down a space ship in fight. One piece of foam, overall working in alignment with the rest, makes a fight, only then possible, and successful world cause, as well. Do not think you have no account, in this larger group, of all mankind. Those very people holding them self back, are the very people needed to help. Each and every person counts. Change starts with you.Help the larger cause, of Individual Personal Freedom. Start the change! Join a local group. Run for an office. I make this prime postulate, Give me 29 IUPUI students, that qualify to run for city-county council, and i will show you a new city for all the world to see, an emulate. 29 young people changes the whole world. That it the 2012 change the Mayans predicted in there end of times stuff. A new place a new beginning, a new age of man. Homo Novus man. The age of youth. over mankind, and the quick dismantlement of old rich man rule. Never in the history of man has the individualized chance of controlling power, with out the requirement of family, money or who you know, to do it from. Only a single man ever makes the difference in the advancement of ourselves. Please run for city county council, contact Chris. Become a member of the libertarian party. The party of non-religious, educational or prior political views. The party of individuals, untied as a power of future hope threw duty to us all…each and everyone of us! DONNIE HAROLD HARRIS NOW THE PUBLIC PARTY IS WITH NPA.

Our Lake of life

I see weakness, I fell shame, I am a lost,  I fell unnamed. I know you; somehow, by name…               The lake is full and is wonderful & clean. AS you effect it’s very makeup, you alter its streams by this means. As you drain the water, in the direction of a few, I see all my fish jumping for their life, upon the shorelines, out of most view. What should a god do? For all of you? As a single misplace gene can devastate a body’s world, a single body can devastate the world, too. Yet a Secularization can prevail. So it shall be…one idea, action,  word. Just one thing From you.Is all you need to do.